Black Swan Trophy

What is the Black Swan Trophy?
On February 14, 2019 on behalf of I decided to officially create the “Black Swan Trophy” for the bikini fitness category of IFBB. It was an idea that I had in my head a long time ago and that I finally decided to carry out while preparing my trip to the European Championships IFBB 2019.
What is rewarded in this trophy?

This trophy rewards those athletes in the bikini fitness category of IFBB who are distinguished by being special and different on stage, who have a personality, charisma and stage presence that differentiates them from other athletes and that is perceived in a special way in their Individual presentation or I-Walk.


When a bikini athlete is special this can be perceived in every second, but it is in her presentation that she can demonstrate especially these characteristics, when she is alone on stage and must show the judges her value as an athlete. For this reason, the winner will be that athlete whose I-Walk expresses all these characteristics in the best possible way.


Who decides the winner of the trophy?

There is only one judge at the moment, the creator of the award and current owner of TC10, Juan B. Morales, who writes these lines 😉


What is the criterion to decide the winner?

Evidently having a single judge the criteria is clear and is a decision based on my opinion and experience. In recent years I have devoted a large part of my life to the IFBB bikini fitness, learning, understanding and generating my own criteria on what characteristics they have and how they are the great champions.


From this website I have had the privilege of interviewing and learning from many great bikini athletes, each interview, each championship and each conversation in recent times have made me grow passionate about my work every day, study and understand every detail of this category. I do not really do an evaluation of the athletes to choose the winner, when I see an athlete who does all this, I just perceive it, it’s immediate, so I trust my criteria a lot.


How is this idea born?

The idea was born because of the impact it had on me a definition about bikini fitness that I read the Russian athlete Ekaterina Rykova I had  previously interviewed in TC10. That definition said…


“A high level bikini fitness competition is like watching a lake full of white swans, they are all beautiful, incredible, you would not know which is the most beautiful … so to win you must be a black swan, you must be special and different, this way nobody will be able to look away from you”


Later I wrote an article where I talk more extensively about this and about how the personality of the athletes can enhance the physique they present and make their score better than that of other athletes with a superior physique.


The first Black Swan Trophy

When I decided to create this trophy, I thought that the ideal championship to find the first winner was the IFBB European Championship of 2019, which was celebrated in the Spanish city of Santa Susanna and also celebrated its 15th anniversary in this city.

The European Championship is a very special competition for many reasons, the more than 1200 athletes who meet for 5 days in Santa Susanna, the best in Europe, the beautiful place and the excellent organization create a very special atmosphere, full of special moments and many emotions.

For the selection of the first winner, all the finalist athletes of the fitness bikini category of the European championships in junior, master and senior competed and I chose only one winner, Agne Kiviselg from Estonia.

My idea is that this trophy is only made in special championships that I will decide each year.


How is the trophy?
Black Swan Trophy 1 Black Swan Trophy


Actually the prize in this first edition was not as indicated by the name «a trophy», the prize consisted of some earrings of the Swarovski brand in the shape of a black swan.


When I thought about how this award would be, it seemed perfect, it was beautiful, elegant, manufactured by a prestigious brand and also something that the winner could wear, look and enjoy. I had a great interest in the prize being special and different, as would the winner of it. The prize perfectly fulfilled the spirit with which it was created.


Black Swan Trophy Winners



Agne Kiviselg Black Swan Trophy


The first Black Swan Trophy was delivered on May 5, 2019 at 23:45 in Aquamarina Hotel in Santa Susanna, Barcelona and the winner was the athlete Agne Kiviselg from Estonia. She competed in the senior fitness bikini category up to 169 cm and she was in my opinion the athlete deserving of this special prize. You can read how was the process of her choice as winner in the following article: