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IFBB European Fit Model Championships 2022 personalized video

25.00 45.00 


  •  Custom cover Video
  •  4K Quality (Ultra High Definition)
  •  Stage sound

Select your category and the type of video you want to purchase. Ask for athletes groups (See the detailed information to know the complete content of the video delivered).

SKU: TC10VID-034 Category:

Sample video

I-walk Sample video




IFBB European Fit Model Championships 2022 videos

Here you can get your personalized video of the IFBB  Fit Model European Championships 2022 (Tallin, Estonia)

  •  The videos are recorded in Ultra High Definition  (4K) with stage sound.
  • A personalized link will be delivered to download the video at the email address provided when making the purchase. The video will be stored in a secure site such as Dropbox, OneDrive or similar.
  • The delivery of the link will be made between 1 and 30 calendar days after making the purchase (It may not take more than a week, we will try to deliver it as soon as possible)
  • The link provided will be valid for 30 calendar days from the date of delivery to download it.(During these 30 days you can download your video as many times as you want) When you download the video it is your responsibility to save it. Once that time has passed, if you wish to obtain another copy of your video, you may request it but the cost of the work performed will be billed again.
  • The money will be returned if any of these conditions is breached.
  • If in the process of creating your video it is detected that any image is missing or has a defect we will inform you so that you decide if you prefer the return of the money or the video with the available content.
  • For videos purchased in advance ("Pre-order" Mode) the amount paid will be refunded if the championship is suspended, if for some reason the video could not be recorded or the athlete could not compete. (The money will not be refunded if the athlete competes even if he is eliminated in the elimination round)

* Please, indicate the correct name of the athlete and category to better locate your videos. If you have some more information that can help, as your competitor number or height, you can put it in the additional information when making the purchase.


When buying your video you must select the category in which you have competed and the type of video you want to acquire.

All videos include a personalized cover and the logo of tenuncuerpo10.com

If you have chosen:


We will give you 2 videos.

  • 1 .- The video of your I-Walk in instagram/facebook format in REEL format (1080x1920) with music free of copyright to publish in your social networks.
  • 2 .- The video of your I-Walk in TV format, with personalized cover with your photo, name, category and the stage sound in 4K quality



We will give you 2 videos:

  • 1.- Your complete performance in TV format, comparisons, callouts, your I-walk,  posing routine or choreography  and awards ceremony
  • 2 .- Your I-Walk in REEL format, with music free of copyright to publish in your social networks without copyright problems



The video will include your complete performance in TV format, comparisons and callouts in 4K quality


As already specified above, the videos only contain your performance, not the complete competition.

The videos with your comparisons DO NOT CONTAIN (could contain but is not guaranteed) the part where the speaker  say your name for comparatives or callouts.


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