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Your company on Ten un cuerpo 10

Get visibility for your products or services related to fitness and healthy lifestyle.


Improve search engine positioning by linking your company and your products from our website.


Your brand will be seen on all our social networks through articles or reviews of their products.

Target audiences

We will reach many potential customers who love fitness and healthy habits with our community management work.

Why advertise your company or your products on TC10?


  • We are a community oriented to all those who want to improve their physical and mental version through a fitness lifestyle.
  • Our followers are people who lead or are on the way to lead a healthy life taking care of their diet and doing physical exercise.
  • We offer motivation and closeness, we team with our followers and we help them in their day to day, our relationship is of mutual trust and learning, we listen and learn every day of our community and their needs and concerns.
  • TC10 not only promotes its products on the website, if you decide to promote yourself through an article that speaks of them we use all our social channels, where after 5 years we are referenced by our philosophy of closeness and trust.


What requirements must your company fulfill?


  • Your products or services must be related to the theme of tenuncuerpo10.com and be of interest to our community.
  • You must choose one of the proposals we have to announce or propose a new modality. All the proposals are welcome and we will study them.
  • We want quality above all, we care a lot about the welfare of our followers, we will not advertise any product or service if we are not convinced of the quality of it..


What are the ways to advertise on TC10?


Through banners on the website


  • You can sponsor one or several sections and your ads will appear at the beginning or end of the articles in the agreed sections.

At this moment we have three main sponsorship categories, “Fitness Recipes” “Bikini Fitness” and other articles, where the rest of current categories, bodybuilding, motivation, food, People TC10, but you can choose those that are of your interest from 30 € monthly.

  • Side banner. It appears on the entire website except the cover and can be seen on the top right of all the pages.


Sponsored articles


  • They consist of the publication of one or several articles in which your company will present its products and / or services on the tenuncuerpo10.com website. It also includes our work of community management with the diffusion of the same in the social networks of tenuncuerpo 10, facebook, twitter, google +, instagram and even youtube from 150 €.


Through raffles and contests


  • We can organize sweepstakes or contests in which we offer your products or services to acquire visibility.


Custom proposal

  • We are dynamic, we learn, we like to listen and debate, our philosophy is to grow, recycle and learn every day, that’s why we are open to listen to your sponsorship proposals.


Contact us through the following form or through our email [email protected] and you will receive extended information.

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