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Welcome to tenuncuerpo10.com

This website was born in 2012 with the intention of spreading good energy, health and positivity through sports and good nutrition, focusing above all on fitness and healthy habits.

Over the years, this website has dealt with different topics related to healthy physical and mental habits, but above all, it has tried to grow together with the community of followers who, during all this time, have interacted and have followed the work that is done here. it does. From the first moment we have made you participate in all this through interviews for the web or creating initiatives that we have spread through all our channels on social networks and so to this day.

All the articles on training or nutrition on this website have been created through people specialized in these areas who at one time were or are part of our followers and wanted to be part of this adventure.

Currently the work is more focused on the world of competition at IFBB and especially on female athletes through interviews with the best athletes in the world, but we do not intend to ask them about their routines or their daily diet, but rather we focus on the emotional aspect, the effort and what the fitness lifestyle implies in the daily life of a competitor’s life.

We are also very proud of our fitness recipes section created entirely with your contributions in which each one has contributed their creations for all visitors to this website to enjoy.

tenuncuerpo10.com is owned by Juan B. Morales, official press media of the international bodybuilding and fitness federation (IFBB), partner of IFBB academy and is based in Villaviciosa de odón (Madrid), Spain.

We want to clarify that this site:

– It is not intended to diagnose diseases or substitute medical therapies or treatments.
– It does not promote the use of prohibited substances and also, completely discourages them.

– The opinions expressed here by the professionals who collaborate in Ten un cuerpo 10, are based on years of study, crossings and expansion of knowledge and / or endorsed by a degree supervised by the Ministry of Education under Royal Decree 2641/80.

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