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Since i was a child I always liked sculpt bodies, i loved Fitness and I knew it one day i will have one of them. I never have done any professional sport, i studied ballet for 10 years and nowdays I am psychologist.



I got marry on my twenties with a beautiful man how had two children, later on, we had two babies and now we are a big family. We try to get our children into sport, they do Athletics, Judo, Gymnastic and they Dance. We love travel and we always fly all the family together, we hope that when they grow up they can have the same passion for sports as we do.




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I never had overweight even when I was pregnant, i always liked to be fit, feel healthy and have a fitness lifestyle, but to be into competition i was need it to be stronger and push myself with more discipline to the next level.

A good motivation to start to workout with more discipline was “Ms Bikini Olympia” After my pregnancy I started to do my Prep Competition, this took me 8 months of constant hard work and diet to get my shape into competition level, with the inconvenience that i was giving to my small child the breastfeeding so i couldn’t take any supplement to help me with the preparation, but all the hard work was fair enough and i got the second place Moscow championship, i was very proud of myself and very happy with my results so, all of this gave me the motivation to keep doing it and don´t give up.




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It´s very difficult to combine a Fitness Life with the family but  it´s not impossible, My family helps me and encourage me in all the ways, this is something that I really apreciate because without it , I couldnt do it.


My body has an athletic complexion form, I do have thin bones and large muscles, because of that, for me it´s very difficult to get volume and get good shape into my muscles, while some girls are afraid to get big legs I need to workout them and I do a special training for my quads two days. I have learned everything on my possibilities and I studied a few training curses to be able to work, nowadays I am personal trainer in a Sport Club and I do distance class in a Fitness Club.


The best thing from all of this is the experience that I have achived with the people, since the beginning of my proffessional career I had such of luck with my teachers, I could never forget them and I am very thankful for all the help and knowledge they gave to me.



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Later on, in the next season i become overall champion in the province of Moscow, fourth place in the Russia championship, but my best result and the more exciting experience I have never had was when in 2015 i reach to be overall champion of Russia, World  Champion and I became Overall Champion in the last Olympia Amateur which were played in Moscow.

Since 3 years ago until nowadays i am still working out with Bikini Fitness category , i can´t know how much time I have been dedicating training and working out other sports, before to doing  as professional  i also had a good form, practiced gymnastic and I had a healthy diet.


It´s impossible to build or reduce mass in a short period of time, It´s need be patient and have a intensive training, the more I try and compete, the more I am improving my body, I got my IFBB Bikini Pro Card and I have a lot of future new plans with new goals to reach.



I have to many friends with different professions, not just athletes, all of them help me and encouraged me mentally to never give up,  the competitions aren´t any burdens for me, instead of that they fill my life with meaning, they are part of my life, it´s my destiny… I am hugely happy when I can motivate someone to find their self  with my example, when I have the change to share my experience and help someone to start  a new life, this actions give me more motivation, makes me stronger to never give up and push myself much more.

To finish, I want to say thank you to all of you how are reading my words, i encourage you to find your own destination, get motivated and try it this beautiful fitness life style.


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Katrin Shok

Katrin Shok

IFBB Bikini fitness PRO Athlete

Moscow Overall Champion 2014

Russia Overall Champion 2015

World Champion 2015

Olympia Amateur Moscú Overall Champion 2015

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