Hello Ten un cuerpo 10 friends, my name is Federica Gobbetti and I am an Italian IFBB bikini fitness athlete.


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My sport career as a bikini began in 2013, by chance, since my boyfriend and personal trainer, seeing that my body responded well to diet and training, he was going to let me try to compete the following year … .then during a seminar in San Marino, the speakers urged me to try to be on stag… so the next day I went for my first competition. From there … I didn’t stop anymore!


When I met my boyfriend in 2011, I came from a very complicated situation and I had an unhealthy diet… .. so slowly, I have approached always more to his passion that soon It  became even my …so long to turn in my current profession.


About  competitions, in Italy I made a nice path that gave me great satisfaction .. several first places and from 2014 always on the podium … and then participating for two consecutive years at the Arnold Sports Festival  in Columbus (USA) and  IFBB European Championships in (Spain) where last year I managed to get into the semi-finals, in the top 15 on a 47 girls category!




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After the Europeans, I placed  2nd at the IFBB Italian  Championships and then I made a stop in the past winter season to try to improve and to grow my muscles!

This year, I have started the season in Slovakia with Diamond Cup IFBB in Zilina, where I earned the1st place in the bikini category under 1.66 cm!

It was a strong emotion, my first international victory … .. be on stage for a PRO CARD in an absolute with amazing athletes of international fame was an incredible experience!

Then I attended the Olympia Amateur IFBB in Marbella on the weekend of June 10 to 12, but I had problems with Protan color service, which made me color of a girl at her first experience that made me a color not presentable. Patience…

Finally, I attended the third and final race of the season before the summer break…. the Italian Championship IFBB, where I finally  won the Italian title!




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I’m really happy with how things went this first part of 2016 …. 3 competitions of which  2 victories. Afraid  for the unespected incident in Marbella, but it happened. I just want to forget..



Many girls are getting closer to our world, and this thing is beautiful because fitness for me … it is health and wellness on the first place!  I’m going to take part in many competitions this year … .so let’s see what happens .. 😉


In September Me and my partner / trainer … we will open our gym and I can not wait!





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Federica Gobbetti 08In any case, I can say that this lifestyle … has given me and is giving me a lot and every time someone give me the chance … I’m so happy to tell people how many psychological and physical benefits it can give!  Be proud of each small improvement … of every small great achievement, always reminding you  where you started from  and where you are now !!


Every step you make, will be a step closer to your goal!


I always say that our strongest motivation is ourselves … because our progress..are our most powerful fuel !!

Thanks to Ten un cuerpo 10 for giving me the opportunity to tell you… my little experience!

A hug and a warm greeting,  Federica Gobbetti.




Federica Gobbetti SL01 Federica Gobbetti: Our strongest motivation is ourselves
Federica Gobbetti SL02 Federica Gobbetti: Our strongest motivation is ourselves
Federica Gobbetti SL03 Federica Gobbetti: Our strongest motivation is ourselves
Federica Gobbetti SL04 Federica Gobbetti: Our strongest motivation is ourselves


Federica Gobbetti

IFBB Bikini Fitness athlete


Contact for online personal training and any other work request: [email protected]

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