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Hi, i’m Frida Sjöström from Sweden and i’m compiting in  IFBB Bikini Fitness.


About me:


I live with my two daughters in Stockholm and work as a personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach. As long as I can remember I have always been the sporty one and people around me would often asked why I didn’t start competing.


I have always found the figure/body fitness ideal too muscular for me, so when I discovered there was a Bikini category it was right on spot!





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My sports background:


I have done horse riding since I was six years old and competed in showjumping with my horse during me teenages. After I quit riding I needed to find a new source to release my energy upon, so when I was 19 and tried weight lifting for the first time, I got hooked right away.

When I was 21 I decided I wanted to work with health and training and started studying public health science at the university.

After my pregnancies I got more and more into training and got in my best shape ever. When my youngest was 1 years old I entered my first competition. That was in 2012. At that time I also started to work as a nutritionist.





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I do weight lifting six times a week. Because I am working as a personal trainer it’s easier for me to find the time to train. My focus is to develop my lower body, so I train legs every third day.


I work at a few different gyms so I am on my bike 1-2 hours a day in the weekdays, so there I have my cardio. In the weekends I go running or take long walks combined with the gym. I take every chance to work out and because I have small kids I work out with them as well.


I find my motivation by training with friends or trying something new in my training schedule.  Pictures and YouTube videos with my favorite athletes like  Alla Semenova y Ashley Kaltwasser  also works for me. It also helps to look at old pictures from my competitions or my trophies. Sometimes I rest from the gym for a few days because the body is just tired.





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Training and taking care of my kids takes most of my free time, but before I had the kids I enjoyed singing and dancing. I love being on stage and I love training, so Bikini fitness felt like a natural step!


Cooking and having dinner with my friends is my way to relax. I love creating healthy recipies with lots of veggies and protein!






About my competing:Frida Sjöström (7)


”Don´t be upset with results you didn´t get with the work you did´nt do”

That is my favourite quote and I think that is just what fitness is all about. You have to be 100% dedicated to succeed in this sport. Food, rest, training, work, family has to all fit in and it has to be planned into perfection. If you want to get better, you have to work harder, and see yourself with critical eyes. I don´t like loosing, I am not 100% satisified if I don´t get the gold medal, but the times I didn´t make it to the top has been the times I have learned the most. And then made a come back with a better version of me.



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One important thing what I have learned during my years competing in Bikini fitness is that the judgement of me as an athlete has nothing to do with my value as a human being. I am just as good as I was before a competiton, even if I don´t win. It just means I wasn´t at my best as an athlete that day. It is important for me to not take it personal.


The sport can be hard to somebody that has hard to handle the judges scores. We all want to win the goldmedal, but there is only one.. And everytime I have made a competition not winning, I get a bit disapointed, and then I look at the stage pictures and my presentation for a judgement of myself. And everytime I have donet hat, I have seen my mistakes and what I can do better. That makes me even more hungry to be better next competition.


My goal with the competing has before been to get the PRO status, but its not that important anymore. It would be fun, but I value other things in my life too, like more time with my children.





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I have been competing every season since 2012, and I still enjoy it. As long as I get better I believe I will continue, there is something really special with competing in fitness and the IFBB family is great to be a part of. To go with the Swedish national team is one of my favourite things. There is really something special to compete under my country´s flag.


Hightlights in my Bikini fitness career:


  • Overall winner Loaded cup, Denmark 2013
  • Swedish champion 2013
  • Nordic champion 2013
  • Winner Norway open 2014
  • Winner Arnold classic Europe, Madrid 2014
  • Overall winner Sweden Grand prix 2015
  • European champion Bikini Master, Santa Susana 2015
  • Overall winner Sweden Grand prix 2016
  • Winner Olympia Amateur Spain, Marbella 2016



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Frida Sjöstrom

IFBB Bikini Fitness athlete



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