My name is Mariella and i’m from south Italy exactly nearby Naples, where the sun and the sea are amazing! The food too is great here….especially italian mozzarella! If i have to explain you who i am using only one word, i can say ENERGY.


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I started to dance when i was just 3 years old and i’ve been danced for 20 years; i practiced classical dance, modern- jazz, contemporary dance and other differents; i’ve been really lucky, cause i studied with a lot of important dance teachers and public figure during the years.i traveled a lot for masterclasses and shows and of course dance competition, i have to be grateful to my parents for that.

I think family is our best support and sponsor too, and for me it has been really important my grandma, she was my first, my best and my lovely fan! she motivates me every day, every time and that’s why she will be always my MUM!  As a dancer, i can define DANCE not a sport but an art! Meanwhile my dance studies, i practiced gymnastic and volleyball too, it was too tiring for my parents leave me at home (ahah)


One of my passion too, is fashion world and, of course, i took part in differents fashion shows and beauty competition……oh thanks God, what a lively life!! I really love shootings, cause everything is around you: makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer, seamstress… feel like a queen.




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I still (when i’m not so busy)  take part in some fashion shows around Italy and this is amazing: you can meet lots of people (foreign people too) and you can travel and visit lots of countries….great!


One day i decided to move to Perugia where i started to approciate to fitness world; i started to study and join a lot of masterclass and congress about fitness, nutrition, supplements and every day i was inspired and fascinated in more and more.


when i start  teaching i was really scared (for my little age) but it was great, lots of adrenaline! then i had the second class, the third and go on! Finally i knew the magic world of bodybuilding and i falled in love like no other man ever!!! (ahahah)


I think bodybuilding is a special world, much more elevate than people says; if you’re not in, you’ll never understand the real meaning of this discipline….





Mariella 11 Mariella de Caro: Bodybuilding is yourselfBodybuilding has in itselves everything…..discipline, sacrifice, time, selfcontrol, power, health, energy, vitality, happyness, adrenaline, ambition, selflove and i can go on if you want!! you must dedicate every second of your life to bodybuilding, because that’s the time you dedicate to YOURSELF.


I started with competitions…of course i’m a BIKINI ATHLETE, and i won regional championship, really great emotion for me, and it motivates me much more.  Everyday is harder but everyday you’re stronger.


People think this sport is a joke, it’s really a serious job to be an athlete. You work all day long and if you are passionated you’ll stop never more.


Athlete’s life starts early in the morning:you wake up and have to prepare your own meals for all day long but, first of all, coffee!!!





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I have differents meals during the day; my diet is really various, with lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken breast of course, and basmati rice. It depends on the period, i calculate my macros and everyday fuel of vitamins!!

Everyday i’m busy with my training, not one day without it. I have no coaches, i’m my coach and sometimes it’s really hard but i’m stronger and if my motivation goes down i take a look in the mirror and i say: ok you’re really great, go on stronger! and it goes!

During my training session i have a lot of fun…..of course it’s painful but my love for training is much more powerful. I always repeat to myself “don’t stop when it hurts, but when you’ve done” and it works.


Actually i work in different gyms, i’m dedicated to bodytransformation aboveall girls. I have clients from all parts of italy with online coaching; so when i’m not at the gym, i work at home with my laptop, sending mails, giving meals advices, sending them tutorial of special exercise, and so on.



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I’m GRATEFUL for everythink i have and i do, for every day of diet and training, for every person i can make feels better; the change is not just about the body….first of all it’s in the mind; that’s why i’m really satisfied to see my client with better bodies and stronger mind. I say them they’re my warriors….that’s my mission FROM princess TO warrior!


My journey is infinite, cause i’m lots of the time into the gym, or with my girls, my training and my meal prep but i love it; i never thought, no one time, to stop or to change something in my life even if sometimes it’s tiring; never stopped my workouts never stopped my diet never stopped beliving cause it’s my lifestyle and that’s what i transmit to my girls.


Everybody has the possibility to starting change, but you have to want it really. Change is in your mind first, just need the courage to explore yourself and make decision. It’s a compromise, but with yourself. I always say “If you want it, you get it” cause i do this everyday.



I’m really proud of my life cause everyday i workhard to improve myself as person, as athlete, as coach, not as girlfriend cause i have no boyfriend (ahahah) and i have no time for love (ahahah)

At the end, i want to say to everybody….give love to universe and you’ll have it back. As much positive you are, as much wonderful will be your life. Thanks Mr President and thanks to “Ten un cuerpo 10” to give us the possibility to be in Spain! See you soon


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Mariella de Caro

IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete



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