We have the honor of being able to bring another great athlete to Ten un cuerpo 10. This time we are going to Greece to interview Apostolia Liviaki , bikini fitness athlete,    recently finalist in the Diamond Cup of Greece and in the Mediterranean Sea championship celebrated in Lisbon.

Apostolia, welcome to  TC10, thank you very much for giving us this interview and congratulations on your latest results.


Apostolia Liviaki 01 1 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before

We would like to know you better and know how your story has been until you become the athlete you are today. You were a sports person since you were little girl?

I was always a very active person, so I had the need to find a way to use all this energy. I chose to start training because I always liked  beautiful and fit bodies. So I started working at the age of 19.


How was your first contact with gym and weight training?

The first contact was great. If not, maybe there was not second… hahaha!!!


 When did you star, did you have any prejudice or fear of losing femininity?

Of course not. You can not loose feminity by training. By other things maybe…





Apostolia Liviaki 09 1 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before

At what point did you think about competing and doing it in the bikini category?

After some years of training my body has reached a great shape.  So my coach suggest me to compete!



Did you admire any athlete or did you have someone for reference?

When I was start, my lovely athlete was Natalia Melo.



How do you remember the first time you competed on stage?

I was afraid and very cute! Before go on stage I was ready to leave…




Can you tell us any funny anecdotes or beginner mistakes you remember from any of your competitions?

At my first International  competition at Olympia Prague 2014, I have made a mistake with the shoes height, and judges  ask me to change shoes. It was a difficult time because no girl like give you her shoes before competition.



Apostolia Liviaki 05 1 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before


You’ve been competing for a few years and you’re not a beginner. What has changed from his first competition to now physically and mentally?

Every competition and preparation is a big experience for your body and mind! Both of them go yourself to the next level.



Apostolia Liviaki 04 1 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before

What do you like most about your current physique and what do you think you should improve?

I love my body! I love my glutes and legs a lot! But I try always for the perfection!



How long do you practice your staging and how important do you think the staging is in a bikini competition?

The posing on stage is the 50% of the success for the bikini category! I practice always for it to be better and better.





Apostolia Liviaki 07 1 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before

In bikini there are several factors that influence to stand apart from the physical What qualities do you think a bikini athlete should stand out?

Genetics is the first thing in every fitness and BB category.  If you have good genetics, the improvement of everything else its possible!  You need toned  glutes and shoulders, slim waist and a great shape of the body!



Are you already the overall champion in Greece.  Are international competitions your next goal?

I have many succesfull participations of  international competitions! My last success was Bronze metal at Olympia San Marino. My goal now is to relax.





Apostolia Liviaki 06 1 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream beforeWhat’s Apostolia Liviaki’s dream as a competitor?

Everybody will said the Pro Card, but I feel very full of all this journey. Every success was a dream before.



In your daily life, what is the most difficult thing you do to be compatible with this lifestyle, work, food, social relationships …?

I have a full program everyday, but I manage my programm to have time for everything!



Fitness is becoming more popular, what is the popularity of this sport in Greece? Do you think it is becoming more and more normal to practice this lifestyle?

The fitness lifestyle become more popular everywhere in the world, because everybody loves a beautifull and healthy body! So the same thing become in Greece too!




Apostolia Liviaki 03 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before

Surely you are now a reference for many girls, what is the first tip you would give a girl who wants to start the fitness lifestyle to improve her eating and start weight training?

 The first thing is to find someone expert to show you the right road for the success!

Do not ask everyone…


Finally we would like to know , what has the fitness lifestyle brought you personally?


The ancient Greeks said healthy mind in a healthy body


Apostolia thank you so much for your kindness, we hope you enjoyed this interview and we wish you the greatest success in the future.



If you want to add something else…


Thank you very much! I d like to send many kisses to all the fans of Ten un cuerpo 10.



Portada Apostolia Liviaki 1 Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before

Apostolia Liviaki

IFBB Bikini Fitness athlete from Greece



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