Russia is an inexhaustible source of great bikini fitness athletes and we have the privilege of being able to interview Yulia Romanova. Yulia was proclaimed World Champion in November 2016 in the category up to 169 cm at Bialystok, Poland.

Yulia welcome to TC10 and thank you for granting us this interview, it’s an honor for us. First of all, we want to congratulate you on your great success in the World Championship. In this interview, we would like to know you as an athlete and know how the fitness lifestyle affects your daily life.


Yulia Romanova 26 1Not long ago you compete in bikini category, and the world championship was your first international competition.

Did you think that you had chances to be world champion before going to Poland?

Before participating in the world championship, I have participated in many other championships where I won. However, I was very worried thinking if I really had the level to compete in a world championship, and as confirmed later, I have it!

The truth is that I always get nervous before going on stage.



We saw you very excited when they said your name as world champion.   What was the first thing you thought at that moment?

To say that I was excited is not enough 🙈 . I experienced so many emotions in a moment, that I could not describe with words. Until the last moment I did not believe that I had been the  world champion. I want to mention, that I had very worthy rivals.



Yulia Romanova 30 1After being a world champion, what are your upcoming goals?

I would like to repeat my success in other championships such as Arnold Classic, European Championship and Olympia. Maybe later I try PRO championships.



Do you have a dream as a competitor that you would like to fulfill?

It’s better that I don’t confess my dreams to be fulfilled as soon as possible.


Being the world champion you had the right to apply for the professional card, but you have decided not to. Do you think it’s too soon to be a professional or not a goal for you?

I think it’s still early. I still have a lot to do in the amateur championships.



We would like to know how it all started. How did you start in fitness and weight training? Which was the reason?

I started in the gym to recover my figure after the birth of my daughter Olesya and as you can see, I fond  😉 .


Yulia Romanova 09 1


Before that, were you a sports person?

I’ve never been a sporty person. I just did a little dance, some acrobatics and flexibility.


Yulia Romanova 03 1Many women who don’t know the fitness are afraid to train with weights. Did you have any prejudice or where you afraid of losing your femininity when doing this type of training?


The truth, I still have doubts about that. I wonder if I spend too much time training. I always do my best in everything I do and I want to do everything perfectly, But I also want to say that I don’t like very strong girls, for that reason I try to control the growth of my muscles. I think that in all you must have your own criteria, you can’t seem like everyone. The important thing is that you like your body and feel good about yourself.



When did you think about becoming a bikini fitness competitor?

When I started going to the gym, my coach showed me some pictures of bikini fitness athletes, i caught the attention and I also wanted to try to prepare myself and try to participate in this category.




Yulia Romanova 10C 1Is there any athlete you admire from Russia or from other countries?

I am my main example and motivation. I don’t want to look like anyone, I want to perfect myself and be an example to others!



What do you like most about yourself as a bikini athlete and what do you think you should improve?

As they say “Perfection has no limits” I am demanding with myself and I always find things in me to improve, but I try to do it without drawing the attention of others.



In bikini category there are several factors that influence in addition to the physical. What qualities do you think a bikini athlete should have to highlight?

The first of all is the femininity, beauty, charm and charisma. When you are on stage you must be a “goddess”.


Do you spend a lot of time practicing your poses and your staging?

I use a lot of time in it, besides cardio workouts and weights.


Yulia Romanova 07 1

You are a TV presenter and sure that you are accustomed to having the eyes of many people in you, what makes you more nervous, make a television show or be under the watchful eye of the judges judging your physique?


I think more to be under the watchful eye of the judges, because after 7 years I am already accustomed to the cameras. The truth is that the habit of smiling and acting in front of the camera helps me a lot on stage.



We would also like to ask you about what the fitness lifestyle implies for you. What is the most difficult for you to make compatible with this lifestyle? Work, food, training, social relations…


Since I started competing, my life changed completely. Regular workouts, food restrictions, etc… In addition, I work in several advertising projects, raise my daughter and take care of my family.



We all have moments where motivation is not 100%, in whom or where you find motivation when you are low in spirit?

It’s true that there are moments like this, and when that happens I try to rest from everything, regain strength and motivation. I spend more time with my family, their support is very important to me, and then I go back to the routine.


Yulia Romanova 18 1


It’s very difficult for you to do a competition diet?

For me the biggest difficulty is that I am an authentic greedy, and as you will understand, I’m forbidden sweetmeats. But in the end, you can get used to everything, also to do the diet. It is only necessary to have desire and patience, then everything goes well.


Yulia Romanova 31 1

What are the most difficult food temptations to control for you?

I love chocolate! Sometimes I allow myself to eat a bit, but obviously not during the preparation for the competition.



There are many people who do not understand this lifestyle or they see us as people obsessed by the physical What would you tell a girl to see you in the gym and ask you for advice on whether weight training is good?

In my opinion, every woman decides how she wants to be. I never advise to always go to the gym. Also, if they are not going to compete they don’t have to train with weights. Everything must be in its right measure and above all enjoy what you do. Of course, with constant training the body will improve, that’s a fact.



Yulia Romanova 12B 1 e1503684582303

When you no longer compete, do you think that you will continue to be related to the world of fitness? Will you help others with your experience?


Of course, I will try to always keep in good shape, as it is now my lifestyle. I will gladly share my experience and help others.



Finally Yulia, can you tell us what has the fitness lifestyle brought you personally?


Fitness has changed me and my lifestyle and I think for the better. It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s also hard.



Yulia, thank you very much for the time you have spent in this interview, it has been a great pleasure to get to know an athlete like you and since Ten un cuerpo 10 we wish you the greatest success in the future.


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Yulia Romanova

IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete



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