Poland is one of the European countries that traditionally brings great athletes to bodybuilding and fitness. This week we have the honor to interview and meet Paula Mocior, currently one of the best bikini fitness competitors from Poland.

Paula is one of the stars of the start of the season in the recently created Elite PRO of IFBB International. She is an athlete with great experience in international competitions, and she has been improving her physique and her results year after year, getting to be European runner-up and getting the bronze medal in the amateur world championships in Biarritz, but it was in the beginning of 2018 when Paula has made the definitive jump, becoming a professional athlete and winning the first 2 Elite PRO championships of this season held in the Caribbean and Brazil.



Paula Mocior 18 1 Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dreamPaula, welcome to TC10 and thank you for giving us this interview. First of all is to congratulate you for this magnificent start to the year. Did you imagine these great successes when you started preparing this



Definitely not! This is one of the biggest surprises in my life! Of course, I dreamed about it, but I was sure that if it succeeded it could only be at the end of 2018.


Surely winning the Elite PRO card will have been a great motivation for you and it is possible that you have changed your planning for the rest of the year. What are your next goals?


By winning the pro card I definitely had to change the whole plan of travel and departures for the competition. Absolutely no regrets! changing plans is the smallest problem. Life likes to bring surprises … such surprises can I get more often… haha ​​😃




Paula Mocior 6 1 Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dreamYou have a great experience in competitions, you have been competing for several years and you have been improving year after year until you reach the best moment of your career. Do you have any more dreams that you would like to fulfill as an athlete?


Honestly, I’m already satisfied as an athlete. For the 5th time in a row, i start to improve the  figure, details, mistakes and posing. it’s a hard sport, mainly mentally. PRO was my dream and now every start regardless of the result gives me only an additional smile on my face. It is a great happiness, be able to be on stage with the best! But the ambitions are growing, the appetite is also growing. I have not said STOP yet …😃


Getting the professional card has been your most exciting moment as a competitor? What other moments do you remember especially?

I think so… everyone wants to get the PRO card. You have to distinguish something and show that you are the best. I have worked for years. At that moment, I felt great satisfaction and complacency.



Just great pride! I remember very well the moment of OPEN victory in Santo Domingo. I was stunned. I did not know what to do, I was sure that I should accept the professional card. I did not know how different those professionals would be. It was new to me! and the first competition in pro and immediately the first victory! Really huge emotions that I will remember and remember for the rest of my life! It made me even more willing, motivated and believing that what I do makes sense.


Paula Mocior 14 1 Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dream


We have talked about your current moment but there is always a beginning. How did you get to the world of weight training? Have you practiced other sports before?

I come from a small village, my eyes had never seen anything like that. The moment I went to study in the city I had to take a job to stay. I worked at the gym reception and from the first day I fell in love with the gym! Since childhood, I was connected with sport: athletics, running, artistic gymnastics, and a lot of work in the countryside – this is the foundation for my muscles.




Paula Mocior 9 1 Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dreamWhat motivated you to start competing in a bikini fitness?

For the first start I was urged by the trainer from the gym, Rafal Ilnicki who taught me everything. I do not think I would take this step myself. The year 2012-2013 bikini was not so popular yet. It was a big challenge for me. The motivation for me was simply to prove to myself that you can look like these women in magazines

 Who have been your references in the category or what athletes did you admire when you started?

 The first women’s silhouettes (physique?) I liked were Polish titled competitors. Kasia Kowalik-Kozakiewicz and Agnieszka Świtalska-Nawrocka in bodyfitness. in Poland, in bikini, there was no one in those early days. I watched in the media abroad Kate Usmanova, Olga Putrova a little later Sabina Plevakova

  What memories do you have of the first time you went to a stage to compete?

Hahaha, I do not remember much from one performance. everything was like fog. And the whole competition passed like 5 minutes (although they were 2 days). after 1 start you could draw a lot of conclusions. see errors in the pictures and videos. the first start is a gold lesson!




Paula Mocior 12 1 Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dreamDo you remember any funny anecdote or some beginner error of any of your competitions?


haha, there were a lot of mistakes and they still happen, but not all are funny, but rather stressful. I remember how at the last minute the schedule changed and I left about 2 hours earlier. in pale light everyday makeup and the body was brown. disgusting  ​​pictures


 Bikini fitness is surely the most subjective category of bodybuilding competitions, and although we always talk about the physique that athletes show in competitions, there are many factors that influence the score of the judges. What do you think are the keys to being a great bikini fitness competitor?


Perfection in every inch! It’s hard to say, because every year this side of the aesthetics, make-up hairstyle and the whole binding is really going up, the rich decoration of costumes also. hard to beat it seems to me that there is no golden prescription or golden advice. trends are changing


In the photos and videos of the competitions we see spectacular physicists, but getting to get there is not easy. What is the most difficult thing for you in this lifestyle in your day to day? diet, daily training, social relationships …

It seems to me that social life suffers the most. go out to the city, go to a restaurant, get out with friends or family. these aspects are unfortunately in the 2nd plan.


Paula Mocior 5 1 Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dream


What do you think are your best qualities and what do you think you should improve?

The best features: that I am a modest person, I grew up in the countryside and being famous did not strike me as some competitors. what I would like to improve is the knowledge of English because during the competition I travel a lot around the world and often have a problem with it.




Paula Mocior 3 1 Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dreamSurely you have become a reference for many girls in Poland and other parts of the world, What advice would you give to girls who want to start competing in bikini fitness?


Every girl who wants to start an adventure with a fitness bikini should think about whether she definitely wants to and whether she will be able to reconcile this with everyday life. This is a big sacrifice. it is good to have a person who will guide us-coach, later would not regret that something has gone wrong. the most important thing is to do it in accordance with health! you can not buy it later.



Finally, we would like to ask you, what is the best thing that this lifestyle has given you personally?


I think that the joy of a beautiful figure that I have every day and well-being and health!



Paula, thank you very much for the time you have dedicated to us in this interview. It is a pleasure to make our readers know a little better a great athlete like you. We wish you every success in the future and we will be following your next competitions.

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Thank you very much and greetings to all readers


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