At the beginning of March, one of the first competitions of the international IFBB calendar was held in Brazil in 2018 and one of the big winners was bikini fitness athlete Rosi Carezzane, winner of the Overall and the Elite Pro Card that gave her access to her, to compete in that same weekend her first professional competition, in which she got 4th place. This season also competed in Arnold Classic South America Elite PRO, obtaining the 3rd place and scoring for the Professional World Championship, competition that will be held in November in China in the city of Beijing.

Rosi, welcome to TC10 and thank you for giving us this interview in which we want to know a little better your career as an athlete and your lifestyle. First of all we want to congratulate you for the success achieved this season in which you have achieved the Elite PRO Card.


Rosi Carezzane 13After several years of preparation, get the professional card and do it in your own country for sure it was very special for you, and a nice way to celebrate it was to play your first professional competition in the same event.


How do you remember everything that happened in Elite Pro Qualifier Goiânia? Have you given time to assimilate the success obtained?


Hello John! I am very honored to participate in this interview, I am very happy to have the opportunity to talk about my career in sports for its readers and followers. … for Qualifier Elite PRO Goiânia It was a long and very specific preparation, because I needed to improve important points for my category, I looked for one of the biggest bikini coaches in Brazil – Sergio Úngaro that helped me with my shape and align with the standards established by the IFBB Elite. Being the first Brazilian champion and Overall International of the first Elite Pro Championship in my country was an incredible and very exciting feeling, it was the maximum title of amateur to become Bikini Elite PRO.





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Once you have reached professional status, have you already thought about your next goals as an athlete?

Yes! How I got a good result in Arnold Classic South América, I’m totally focused on the Sudamérica Elite PRO, that will take place in Paraguay at the end of August. I am very encouraged and I would like very much to be able to go also to Arnold Classic Europa so that European judges can know and evaluate me, because it is very important for my career as an athlete to be evaluated by them.


Surely this triumph has been a great motivation to keep improving. What do you think is your strong point as a bikini athlete and what do you think you should improve more?


I have presented a European line, because the category of professional has a very nice and elegant line in Europe, I follow many winning athletes in Europe and the line of the champions is very symmetrical, elongated and beautiful, they look like real dancers and very elegant. My coach Sergio Úngaro always evaluates me so we can change details and correct positions so we can always present a complete and symmetrical package.


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You have fulfilled a great dream by becoming professional. What will Rosi Carezzane dream of from now on?

Dreams make us look for what we have not yet conquered, and one of my current dreams is to be a champion of an Elite PRO championship, I’m fighting a lot to get it and I can raise the name of my country in the world ranking of professional athletes Elite PRO. It would be a great honor to be in the World Cup representing my country and the Brazilian athletes.



Rosi Carezzane 18We have asked you about the future, but we would like to know the beginning of all this. How did you know about fitness and weight training?

I started practicing physical activity to pass in the public contest for the military police of Minas Gerais, I worked so hard that I ended up being an athlete and I’m already a policeman almost 10 years ago. I have my sport and my profession as my greatest passions, because the same commitment that I have in being a military i have applied in my routine as an athlete.

I met bodybuilding in 2012 when I saw a competition and I fell in love with the bikini category and I started to prepare myself with more discipline and focus on competitions.

When did your interest in competing begin and why did you choose the bikini fitness category?

When I started, I first tried to know about rules and federations and I chose the IFBB Elite because it is a federation very well organized and registered in the organs of sport in my country.


From that moment, i studied more about the bikini category, i did the judge course to have a wide knowledge of the sport and with the help of trainers I changed my body and adapted to the category, always looking for feedback from IFBB judges to know what needed improvement. A real athlete always seeks to improve his set regardless of the results. Six years ago I am IFBB Elite.


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Did you admire other athletes or did they serve as a reference?

Yes! I have always accompanied athletes from my country and others who had a similar profile to me, I still follow my inspirations and follow the current champions of my category. Today I receive many messages from girls who are inspired by me and I always try to answer all, because one day it was me who sent messages to the athletes who inspired me and I think it is very important to influence people in a positive way so that they themselves can awaken the potential that exists within them, because we all have potential for something.


Rosi Carezzane 14Surely throughout these years you have improved a lot physically, but in what more things have you evolved since you climbed for the first time to a stage to compete?


I always want to show my best version in the championship, today I perceive how it evolves, I feel safer and more beautiful also on stage. In amateur athletes have the opportunity to learn and have more experience and that is why it is important to have regional, state, and national cups and go through the national, so that we can evolve and be better in our sport.


Do you remember any beginner mistake or funny anecdote from any of your competitions?


Yes! I remember several! Not knowing the size of my shoe, my bikini broke when it came to the stage, I lost my plane to compete… I cried and laughed a lot about everything that I have already gone through, so today I am more cautious because of those setbacks that I went through.




Rosi Carezzane 03 And before knowing the world of fitness, were you a sports person?

¡No!  I was a very sedentary person, I fed very badly and although I was thin I was not a beautiful physicist. I only started training because in the police test, the physical test eliminated the contest, when I saw that my dream of being a policeman depended on that, I radically changed my life.

We would also like to know what this lifestyle means to you. Do you work as a military police? Is it very difficult for you to make your profession compatible with being a bikini competitor and take your training and daily food?

I have been a military policeman for almost 10 years and I have reconciled the athlete routine in my hours and hours of rest, I carry my food always and everywhere, at first it was a bit challenging, but everything is a matter of adequacy. I think military discipline was reflected in my discipline as an athlete.

There are always times when motivation is not 100%. In what or in whom do you support yourself when those moments arrive?

I rely on people who believe in my athlete potential. What leaves me unmotivated is the lack of sponsorship for the athletes, as many give up throughout the day for not having support. Having a sponsor that guarantees participation in competitions is very motivating.



Confess Rosi, what is the “forbidden” food that you find most difficult to resist?

I love candy! It is one of the foods that I can not eat, because it bothers me a lot in the preparation for competitions.


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You have dedicated several years of your life to achieve this success as an athlete and the experience has made you learn many things along the way. What advice would you give to a girl who starts in this world and is thinking of competing?

The first time I won a championship, i heard from a professional athlete during the awards that a champion is not the one who always wins, but the one who never gives up, because it was my third competition and I still had not been the winner. It was something that influenced me a lot at the time and it is this message that I want to leave for those who are starting out in sports. Don’t give up, even if the result is not satisfactory.



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And to finish Rosi, In addition to the physical benefit, what do you think this lifestyle has given you?


Physical activity is everything we do, having quality of life is synonymous with longevity. I always say to people looking for a physical activity that brings them pleasure, as well as bringing health has to bring well-being.


Rosi, thank you very much for the time you have dedicated us in this interview, we wish you every success in the future and we have no doubt that they will arrive soon for you.


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