A few weeks ago was the World Fitness Championships, which just started in Bialystok, Poland. There was different categories and the most popular was Women’s Bikini-Fitness . And now we are happy to introduce the beautiful girl Natalia Odintsova from Russia, she was taking the overall bikini title.

So, Natalia,Welcome to TC10 and thank you for your interview. It is our honor and privilege!  Please, accept our congratulations on this great overall trophy!




You had so fantastic final on the Olympia Amateur Moscow, and then gorgeous final on the World Championships and, perhaps, you couldn’t imagine that you would do something like this is impossible?

Hello, TC10! Thank you for inviting me to your interview! A few months ago I really couldn’t imagine that I would ever be the overall winner of the World Fitness Championships! It’s the biggest win for me, my family and my coach. They are very supportive and they really help me.


In your category was a lot of famous bikini-competitors. They also had a lot of wins in this season. What was your emotions, when said that the new OVERALL WINNER of the the World Fitness Championships IS NATALIA ODINTSOVA!?

A lot of countries are represented by the best and beautiful competitors. It was my the first experience of so large-scale championships, and not every bikini competitor can take part on the World Fitness Championships. When they said my name.. I thought “ that it’s really mistake!  Is it my name? Are they sure? “ It wasn’t mistake and it was really my name.


It is completely impossible to describe how I feel! So, feeling was like moving in a fog. I went on the middle of the stage, simmer from the tears of happiness and continue to stand on the stage, smiling, and posing.




After this great victory, what is Natalia Odintsova’s dream now in her mind?

I can’t imagine that it would be! It is shock for me!



We imagine that after this triumph you have received hundreds of congratulations, have you already reflected on what you have achieved? Do you think that your life will change a lot after this victory?


Actually It’s not how I wanted it might be. I thought that I would have the opportunity to conclude some contracts with popular brand of sport nutrition and so on, but, unfortunately, nothing else happens.

Some people hate this news about my win, but I should not be upset because I’m not the sweet to be liked everyone.







At TC10 we like to meet the person behind a great physicist, so let’s go to the beginning of everything. We would like to know how your first contact with fitness was, how did you get started with weight training? Which was the reason?


I went to the Gym 5 or 6 years ago. My friends invited me. Then I didn’t know about this sport, how I need to eat and train, I looked at everyone around and done like they.


I didn’t know about carbohydrates and protein…It was so over my head! I can’t understand what ,when and for what…But my muscle mass was growing and I could start for bodyfitness (more muscular then fitness bikini category). At that point in time I knew nothing about bikini, fitness and so on. I knew about bodybuilding only and who is Arnold Schwarzenegger.





natalia-odintsova-photo-16My training was better and better day after day and muscle was good. We decided to look at the standards Bench Press. Then I weighed 67-68 kg, and I had to first grade 57.5 kg to take, and for Candidate of Masters – 62.5 kg. At that time, my performance on the bench press 2 times was 50 kg. Why not, I thought? We began to gradually increase the weight bench.


We went to the Gym at 10 am. There were a lot of   We needed to  to stand in line of 8-10 man for to do something. But we couldn’t stop. A few months we went to the gym.  I needed  the good results. Everything started so well. But at the most inopportune moment my subscription in this gym ended.


You were a sports person since you were little girl?

Yes, since childhood I enjoed the sports. The first lesson was ball-room dancing. There were many sports hobbies: basketball, volleyball, martial arts different directions and dancing different styles.


When did you start with this type of training, were you afraid of weight training or losing femininity?

No, I’m not afraid of anything. My Russian size of clothes was 44-46, about size M, but I did not stop. I lifted a lot of weight and I loved it.




When did you think about competing and doing it in the bikini category?

One of my great benefits is my It was impressed and not left unattended and  helped me on competitions



natalia-odintsova-photo-25Do you have some athletes who admire or serve you as a reference from Russia or other countries?

I liked, as an athlete, the first to whom I noticed – it was Arina Skoromniy (Warskaya). She was not acting athlete. Our figers is similar, I think. One day we met, talked, she gave some instructions. Very nice girl, She is fitness – mom, popular blogger.

Also from Russia, I enjoy Ksenia Sheveleva. In the spring of 2015 we met. It was fantastic – I can only compare the children’s joy, when presented with a dog. My emotions overwhelmed me when I have a meeting. I wanted so much to tell her, to ask, but my voice just trembled. I could not say anything. I only hugged her. And in the autumn of 2016 we stood on the same category on the stage.  I was happy.

I also really like the athlete from Finland Sara Back. Its brilliant, attractive smile. I want to look at her  all the time.






What do you like most about yourself as a bikini athlete and do you think you should improve?

I am so critical for myself. It always seems that my muscle not good. I know that I can do better, but unfortunately, the body do not build at the click of your finger. It is only in the experience and time. Over time, the body gets used and each time responds better.

In bikini there are several factors that influence to stand apart from the physical What qualities do you think a bikini athlete should stand out?

I think, if you are not competitor you should be healthy, attractive, well-build figure, beautiful hair, clean skin. Your sight should bright. And always smile. It’s very hard but it’s worth it. Feeling is inexpressible

Do you spend a lot of time practicing your poses and your staging?

I don’t spend much time on it. In my case it’s improvisation. It’s better, better each time.






natalia-odintsova-photo-9We would also like to ask you about more personal topics about what it implies for you to lead a fitness lifestyle. What is the most difficult for you to make compatible with this lifestyle? Work, food, training, social relations…

…. The most difficult,may be, to keep a diet. It was something new for me. I thingthe body is experiencing a stress. But it’s very important in sport life.


In what or who you find support and to overcome the moments in which your motivation is low?

My family, my coach suppot me. Especially, my husband helps me. It gives attitude motivates. He can prepare the food for me for the whole day. He is the best and invaluable assistant.


What are the food temptations you have the hardest to control?

Fortunately I haven’t problems with food temptations. I’m completely calm attitude to the sweet, if you asked about it? Even if you want sweet, I will have enough to drink tea with sugar -substitute.







There are many people who don’t understand this lifestyle or see us as people obsessed by the physical What would you say to a girl you see in the gym training with weights and asks you for advice on whether weight training is good?

Yes, it’s very well. If a person doesn’t interest in the technique, then unfortunately it will primarily be dangerous for him. It is important to know the technique, if a person doesn’t know how do something, I recommend a coach.

When you no longer compete, do you think you will continue to be related to the world of fitness? Will you help others with your experience?

Of course, this is not the end. I think, it’s a beginning. In the future I am going to competitions, but in the pro category – bikini. And now I coach and help my sportsman . I make nutrition programs and training online.

And to you Natalia, which is what this lifestyle has brought to you?

I saw myself on the other side. I was older inside, became more feminine and I like it.



Natalia, thank you very much for the time you have spent in this interview, it has been a great pleasure and since TC10 we wish you the greatest success in the future.

If you want to add something else …

Thank you TC10. Thank you again for your interview. I will look forward to new meetings. I want to give some advice to readers of this wonderful magazine!

Girls, do not afraid to work with iron in the gym!

Among women, there is a perception, don’t go to the gym, don’t work with iron, it is not feminine, become a bodybuilder, and so on. Every woman is not able to develop huge muscle mass. Let’s keep balanced diet and trainingg regularly, you will achieve positive results! You will have a beautiful, toned body, good mood and gratitude to your body!


Natalia Odintsova SL 1 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 2 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 3 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 4 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 5 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 6 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 7 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 8 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 9 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016
Natalia Odintsova SL 10 Natalia Odintsova: Bikini fitness Overall World Champion 2016


Natalia Odintsova

Natalia Odintsova

IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete



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