It’s an honor to Ten un cuerpo 10 interviewing one of the best bikini fitness athletes in the world, her name is Oksana Oleynik from Russia  and through this interview we will know a little more about her.

Oksana, first of all thank you for granting us this interview and congratulations on your great results.

Thank you very much, I would love to answer your questions.


Oksana Oleynik 7At this moment you are Overall champion at world championships, european championships and Russian Cup in the Master category, but also you are a European champion in senior category, this is really fantastic.

Actually, I’ve been a champion recently, and I still find it hard to believe even me. In my environment they don’t pay much attention to that either, and neither do I. In my life nothing has changed, my colleagues have shaken my hand and disconcerted they have said to me ” congratulations ” and have forgotten the subject.

After all these victories, what are your next goals? Is there any other dream that you would like to fulfill as a competitor?

I have many goals and desires. I would like to compete in parachute jump, of those that I did not fulfill in my childhood, play the fortepiano and do acrobatic gymnastics. I want to get to qualify in the Russian motorcycle racing championship, to go under the legendary ark diving in a wonderful place called Blue Hall. Life is very diverse, beautiful and multifaceted, I want to experiment, try and learn so much, that with a life I would not have enough.

And as for the goals in bikini fitness, there are clearly championships in which I would like to participate and get a good result. I hope to do it, dreams must come true and goals must be achieved.




Oksana Oleynik 21We would like to know better the process that has brought you to where you are today, So let’s go to the beginning of the story. Always has been an active person or sport woman?


Since childhood I have done different types of sports, I was an athlete, but I did not dedicate myself professionally to any. One of my first hobbies was athletics; every morning he went running since he was 12 years old. I also skied and I liked ice skating. Cuando crecí mis aficiones cambiaron un poco. I was attracted to the mountains with the snowy peaks and I started skiing in the mountains for pleasure. My first sports medal is from an amateur ski championship.


At the same time I dived for the first time (it was horrible, I was constipated, I had swelling, so I could not swim very deep and I started to bleed) but the beauty of the bottom of the sea I fell in love and since then I’m a diver, I have dived more than 1,000 times. But that’s not all, I started jumping on parachutes and riding a motorcycle, in summer with my son we rode a bicycle and skated. I want to teach him to love life.




Oksana Oleynik 14All people have a beginning in our relationship with fitness lifestyle, how did you know fitness  and what was the reason to start weight training?

As I said before, I’ve always been active and that also made me go running since I was little. Near 20 years old I started going to the gym, but they were training without any system. There were seasons where I was going to train 5-6 times a week and I was going to run in the mornings. I liked to feel that my body was toned, but in the mirror I did not see what I wanted to see.

Many women are afraid of losing their femininity by training with weights. Did you have that fear at some point?

For me that process has always been controlled and I knew how far I had to go. Also, being feminine is not something physical, it is a state of your interior.

I know athletes, who are dedicated to the professional sport in bodyfitness and bodybuilding and they have not stopped being feminine. For example Liudmila Tulbolceva, Yulia Ushakova, Zabavina Natalia, the list is very long. And I’ve also seen very thin girls, but they had nothing feminine, so that depends on the inside of each one. Training with weights is impossible to stop being feminine, you can only tone your body, without changing the spirit.



When did you decide that you wanted to compete in bikini fitness?

My first competition was in the spring of 2015. I bought all the necessary things like shoes, the bikini, I did a few classes of posing and a few trainings with a trainer. It was an impromptu decision, I did not classify, but the experience was important for me, I surpassed myself and went to the stage! It was very exciting for me, I understood in which direction I had to go and in what I had to work. That’s where my road started.


Oksana Oleynik 3


What is the most difficult thing you do to be compatible with this lifestyle, work, food, social relationships …?

The most complicated thing is to distribute the time taking into account that I have to combine the gym, work, education of my son and also find time for my social life, all this, without forgetting to make the meals that I have to do at the time that has to be done. I have no problem in dieting, because the food for me is like a fuel, but I did have problems in meeting the meal schedule. At first I did not feel comfortable taking out the tuppers to eat, now I’m used to it and also the people around me.

Sometimes I have to eat while driving, while I work with some documents, etc. Also, it doesn’t take much time, because I eat small portions, but every 2.5-3 hours without stopping work. Cooking doesn’t take much time either because everything is done in the oven or steamed. I cook for myself and separate for others. Since my son likes other things, childhood is unique and it doesn’t make sense to deprive him of those little joys.


Oksana Oleynik 1Do you have athletes from Russia or other countries that you admire or have as reference?

When I decided to start competing, I started looking at pictures of competing girls, I didn’t know the surnames, but I remember that two in particular I liked. Later when I started to know, I knew that they were Ksenia Sheveleva and Olga Putrova. When I talked to them they seemed just as nice, just as I saw them on the stage. I liked athletic physicists, although I’ve always been doing sports, I had a toned and fat-free physique, but it was not what I wanted.

Seeing photos I understood what I wanted to see in the mirror and that’s why I realized that I was on the right track. It only remained to find a trainer.

How do you remember the first time you competed on stage?

I remember it perfectly, it was in Siberia, city of Omsk. There were many things that I did not understand! I did not know how to make up and comb my hair, in my day to day I almost did not wear makeup, and here I had to make a striking makeup … also there were no booths to put the tan, I had a hard time tanning myself, I didn’t know how or with what I had to wear it, in the end I got it and went to the stage. There was a very strong light, I did not know where to look or what to do.




Oksana Oleynik 4Can you tell us any anecdotes or beginner mistakes you remember?

Many people try to take as much weight as possible, without thinking about whether they do the exercise well and without thinking that they can hurt themselves, making strange movements with a huge weight. I encourage everyone, people who have just started or have little time in this sport to train with a professional, at least when they start, while the muscle hasn’t formed and they do not begin to notice their body well.

Each one should dedicate himself to what he knows, in any profession. We ask a professional for help when we have to do some correct document or audit of a company, the same in sports, we must trust those who have been studying for 5 years, anatomy and all the biochemical and biomechanical processes of the body.


You have achieved several international victories. What qualities should have a competitor to stand out in bikini fitness?

The first thing is genetics, good proportions of the body, an image and style that go well to the person and have personality.




Oksana Oleynik 12Russia is one of the great references in bikini fitness, in the last European Championships in Santa Susanna 5 of the 8 finalists of the Overall were from Russia. What do you think are the keys to this success?

I think that more than by nationality, it’s because of the lifestyle, and this is because in Russia there is a more macho society and the independence of women is not as popular as in the rest of Europe or the United States, that’s why women are softer, more feminine and two things happen; the first thing is that for that reason women have more time for themselves and the second thing is that Russia is a very big country and there are people of different nationalities, there is a lot of mixture of nationalities and that gives a very nice offspring and a little better genetically.

What do you like most about your current physique and what do you think you should improve?

I am very demanding with myself, that’s why sport and look forward has been what has accompanied me in my life. I’m never happy with myself and I find many things that I have to work on. That is what led me to the competition, I liked athletic physicists, not the gym bodies, but the physicists of the competitors. I have changed many things in me, before I was thinner. Like all women I want a thinner waist and a more rounded glute. In that I work now.


How long do you practice your staging and how important do you think the staging is in a bikini competition?

Mmm, As I said, I work a lot and my schedule is very tight, I also have to dedicate time to my family, so I have very little time to practice posing. I would like to dedicate more time, but my life outside of that sport is more important. Sport is very important and necessary, but competitions are a hobby, and my hobby does not have to downplay those who need me. I think the staging is very important, you must feel it from within, it is difficult to pretend.


Oksana Oleynik 16


Which of your victories has been the most special for you?

The most special were 3. The first was when I was first and overall in a national championship. I went to Krasnoyarsk to meet my trainer, Alexei Plukhin (we worked at a distance, he sent me the plan and I took photos of my physical condition). The second was the victory in the world championship ” Master ” in the Dominican Republic, I went as on vacation and enjoyed every moment, I didn’t expect to win! Also very special was the European Championship, it was very nice and very exciting, I met many people and greeted those I already knew.

And my son behaved very well, he was watching me from the audience, he cared about me and he was very happy. I like him to be proud of me.




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Finally we would like to know, besides the physical benefit what has the fitness lifestyle brought you personally?


I changed a lot when I started the preparation, it is a process of discipline and organization. I have met many wonderful people and I have even found business partners, but the most important thing is that I see that I motivate many young girls and women of my age to take care of their physique and try to be better. It is very important to feel that you motivate not only those around you!


I want women to see that to be well you do not have to live in the gym and take something that spoils your health, and that you just have to follow the guidelines without stopping to live life!



Oksana  thank you very much for your kindness, we hope you enjoyed this interview and wish you the greatest successes in the future.


If you want to add something else…

Thank you very much for the interview! I really enjoyed talking with you.

I wish the readers health and success in all their goals!


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