Last November, the Spanish bodybuilding and fitness championship was held in the city of Estepona, Malaga in its 2019 edition with a great participation success. More than 500 competitors from different categories fought for the medals.

I have the pleasure of being able to interview for TC10 the new bikini ftness Overall champion Aremoga Santana, of Dominican origin, but competing in the Spanish federation. We will know a little better her sports career and what has been her way to reach this success.

Welcome to TC10 Aremoga, first of all, I want to congratulate you on this great victory and thank you for dedicating part of your time to let us know you a little better.

Hello TC10 readers! Thank you very much Juan for inviting me to your interview!


In the championship of Spain you had the opportunity to share the stage the best athletes in Spain, some of them even came from doing good results in international competitions. What expectations did you have in the Spanish championship?

My expectations have always been to achieve the best results, since in previous years I managed to get second places and, This year I was prepared much better and with great motivation for the possibility of getting the Elite pro card, a dream come true, a dream that starts now.

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The day before your victory you had obtained the second place in the Games Bikini category, however, on the second day you managed to overcome all your rivals and be the overall champion of Bikini Fitness. How did you face the second day of competition and what thoughts went through your head when you won the trophy as overall champion of Spain?

The adventure started badly when Vueling lost our luggage ?. We organized as we could to go to the athletes registration and compete in Games Bikini.

Luckily on Saturday at the last minute we got the suitcase, so I could compete on my second day with my shoes, my tan, shine, makeup … and thus leave on equal conditions! Much more calm, relaxed and above all to enjoy something that the first day I could not do.


This victory entitles you to request the Elite PRO card. Perhaps you have already thought about new competitive objectives, since now many possibilities open up. Have you thought about going to international competitions either amateur or professional?

Yes, in fact we are preparing my debut for this 2020 in Elite pro.

I would like to know what has been the path you have taken to achieve this great success. Have you been a person who practiced sports in general?

Yes, during all my life I practiced sport, I was 11 years in athletics; I made combined competitions (throws, long jump, 100 m smooth, high jump etc …) until I came to compete in the 400 m hurdles and 400 m smooth, competitions in which I specialized and obtained good marks being champion of the Canary Islands for several years in a row.


And what was the reason you started in the world of fitness and weight training?

The reason I started in the world of Fitness was because it was related to the fashion show and posing; I clarify that I have always loved weight training and I have also made several fashion shows and participated in beauty contests, since I was involved in the world of modeling. Being able to combine both activities is something that I love.


What motivated you to start on stage, start competing and do it in the bikini fitness category?

I loved the bodies of the girls I saw in fitness magazines, one day I came to the gym and asked who my athletic trainer Guille García was at the time, what should I do to have a competitive physique and participate in these competitions, and we started to do it.

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What is the most difficult for you in your day to day fitness lifestyle, especially when you are focused on the season of competitions? Follow the diet, daily training, social relationships…


When you work on what you are passionate about, few things become difficult, because the pressure and motivation for the progress achieved gives you incredible personal satisfaction.


I really combine my lifestyle quite well with everything else, the organization is key.

Have there been any athletes that you especially admire or have served as a reference?

No, so far I have not had a specific reference. But I have had the motivation of the people I love and it also motivated me to see my own changes.


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For athletes dedicated to fitness there is usually a lot of misunderstanding and sometimes even in the closest environment. Have you had to fight this too when you decided to compete?

No, from the beginning I have had the support of my parents, friends, couple and also my coach Alejandro Lorenzo who keeps me motivated day after day.

Although we always talk about the physique that is presented, bikini athletes have several factors that influence the final score such as their image and staging, something that in international competitions is even more important. Have you dedicated a lot of time to posing, staging and these other factors?

Yes, I have spent many hours both posing and staging each day after my training, a fundamental part that many athletes often underestimate.


As overall champion of Spain, you will now be a reference for the girls that are starting. What advice could you give to those girls who are thinking about dedicating themselves to the world of competition? What you would have liked to know when you started and nobody told you…

From the beginning I have been surrounded by people who have loved me and guided me at every step.

I would tell them to choose a coach with whom they feel ‘CONNECTION’ and are earthly in terms of their aspirations.


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This is a sport in which we continually analyze everything that can be improved to show a better version in the next championship. What do you think you have to make more progress to be a better bikini athlete?

Always work on improving the staging, is a key aspect and in which I must improve.

In each championship we see the previous one and those held every weekend to see the line to follow and adapt the physique to what is being valued, based on this we always try to improve because this sport is very perfectionist and can vary greatly from one championship to another.


To finish a question that I always consider important in interviews. What is the best thing that has led you personally to lead this lifestyle?

A lot of self-confidence, personal assessment, a good physical, mental and health condition.

Aremoga, thank you very much for sharing your experience with the TC10 readers and for the time you have dedicated to this interview. Of course I wish you the greatest successes in the future and we will closely follow your next competitive adventures.

Thank you very much Juan for your kindness and allow to show a little more about me. A big hug for all TC10 readers I hope you like the interview.   


If you want to comment anything else …

I want to say that a GOOD COACH guides you to get the best out of yourself; to evolve and achieve personal and professional growth. It is important that we never feel alone, since having the support and vision of other eyes helps us to see better things that are out of our reach … and last but not least the figure of a preparer frees you from stress, providing CALM to our sport life if WE TRUST FULLY ON HIM.

Thanks to my Coach Alejandro Lorenzo

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