The Czech town of Opava hosted, on December 5, the last competition of the European calendar, before the important appointment of the Arnold Classic Elite Pro that will be held in Santa Susanna, on Saturday, December 12.

The amateur competition, PEPA Grand Prix, reached its 42nd edition overcoming the difficulties imposed by the health authorities and awarded an Elite Pro card that was won by the Slovak Natalia Lukacka, by 1 point ahead of her compatriot, the excellent Junior athlete, Natalia Kapustova.


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Pepa Grand Prix bikini fitness 02
Pepa Grand Prix bikini fitness Overall

Lukacka won the right to compete, as a guest, in the Open Czechia Elite Pro that represented the last test for Bikini and Bodybuilding modalities, before the Elite Pro World Championships of the ACE 2020, discovering how difficult it is for an amateur athlete , make the way in professional competition. Despite her good conditions (176 cm), she was only able to close the Top 5 of the Bikini Open Elite Pro, 1 point behind the bulgarian Aleksandra Dimitrova.


The competition was so close that it was decided by statistical criteria. The Hungarian athlete Brigitta Bekefi was the winner, beating the local favorites Veronika Zemanova and Eliska Dombkova, with whom she had a direct duel in which she ended up taking advantage of her best posing and placement on stage, in which the judges clearly showed the importance of doing the mandatory poses correctly during quarter turns.

Czechia PRO Elite PRO Bikini score card

This may be an important fact considering the proximity of the professional world championship. Possibly IFBB wants to place importance on performing the poses correctly, in the same way as in amateur competitions. This was clearly shown in this competition, the athletes were corrected several times and possibly this gave the victory to Bekefi, as she posed correctly and she was not corrected.


We will see soon if this is going to be the norm from now on and more will be demanded of professional athletes, since until now it was common to see most athletes on the competition line posing incorrectly.


In the photos you can clearly see several athletes in their front and back poses with their legs positioned symmetrically, something that is being penalized more and more, expelling even an entire category from the stage as happened both in junior world championships and also in amateur world championships.



Czechia PRO Bikini Winner Brigitta Bekefi
Czechia PRO 01 web
Czechia PRO 02 web

I agree that athletes who do things the right way should be rewarded as happened with Bekefi. If this is required of amateur athletes, why not do it even more in Elite PRO? Professional athletes must always be the reference and the example to follow for beginning athletes, that is why they must be the first to follow the rules. 

I think the rest of the Elite PRO bikini athletes should take note of what happened in Opava, posing well can start to become the key to victories. What do you think about this?

Photos: Gabor Varszegi. IFBB Official Photographer

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