I’ve wanted to post about this for a long time, but I thought that today, February 14, 2021, exactly 2 years since I decided to create the Black Swan Trophy, would be a perfect day to talk about this.

Arnold Classic Europe was the last big competition of a year 2020, a year that we will all remember in our lives for the global pandemic,  but I prefer to remember positive moments of the year like what I am going to write.

Today I want to analyze and compare Agne Kiviselg’s performances at the world championships and Arnold Classic Europe this year.

I want you to understand the influence of attitude on what is conveyed on stage. If you compare the movements and poses of both performances they may seem very similar, but there is a big difference in what she conveys in these two performances.


How to explain this?

Nothing better than comparing the images to realize it, but since they are very similar, there is something important to understand the differences, you should not just look, you must feel and perceive what is happening and only then can you understand that there is a greater difference than what apparently it is seen.


As I have explained many times, a bikini athlete is not just a physique, as the rules say, her elegance, charisma, personality and self-confidence are also important, so it is very important to perceive these factors that are not so easy to understand at first glance.

Agne Kiviselg at Arnold Classic Europe 2020 Agne Kiviselg I-walk improvements - World Championships vs Arnold Classic Europe 2020

First I want to show the video of the two presentations at the same time and without sound, and then explain the differences step by step.

What are the differences?

You should not just look at the movements or poses, but at the tempo and the gazes that accompany her movements, because the expressiveness of her performance in Arnold Classic is more powerful and shows greater self-confidence.

There are two key points that made the difference from her world championship performance and that made her performance wonderful. I will show you these two moments in images but this is perceived much better in the videos.

Agne Kiviselg iwalk improvements 01 web Agne Kiviselg I-walk improvements - World Championships vs Arnold Classic Europe 2020

In this image you can see the moment, but in movement you can perceive how she looks in a more powerful way and lowers her arm more slowly in Arnold Classic, gaining expressiveness with her hand and the tempo of the movement. In addition, her posture is more upright and her legs are closer together, making her posture even more elegant.


 I love this pose of Agne in her presentation because she captures the attention of the judging panel by showing one of her strengths as well as using her gaze in a very elegant way with a lot of personality.


It was at this moment that I realized that Agne was truly enjoying herself on stage and that she was giving her best, showing great maturity as a top-level athlete.


Agne Kiviselg iwalk improvements 02 web Agne Kiviselg I-walk improvements - World Championships vs Arnold Classic Europe 2020

This second image shows Agne’s last pose before the final farewell. Here what I commented in the previous image becomes even more evident, Agne’s pose is much better than in the world championship, more upright, with her legs stretched and placed in a very elegant way, showing her back again to the other side of the judges panel. But here you can see even more clearly that she is more turned towards the judges in Arnold Classic and casts her gaze clearly to the other side of the judges panel.

I want to highlight her gazes again throughout the Arnold Classic performance, because in the way she looks is where you clearly perceive her self-confidence.


The gazes of the world championship are slightly more timid, and although her performance was fantastic I must also say that in the Arnold Classic this point was improved by Agne.

Well, now that I have described the improvements I could see in Agne’s performance in the Arnold Classic I-walk,  I want you to see the complete performance with the stage sound,  then, when you read my description you may begin to understand better how I was able to live that moment live.


When Agne Kiviselg entered the stage to begin her performance at Arnold Classic Europe bikini fitness up to 169 final,  while the final part of the famous song “Word up” began to play, it was as if the universe had wanted to put the perfect soundtrack to what was going to happen. The expression on her face as she walked to the middle of the stage expressed total self-confidence, a desire to enjoy and show the judges the best of herself. When she stopped in the middle of the Arnold Classic logo and gave her greeting to the judges to the beat of the music it was a wonderful moment.


What came after was even better, her poses with a half turn of her body showing her back on both sides of the judging panel, her gazes full of personality and depth along with the expressiveness of her hands. it was something spectacular.

I’m not in Agne’s head and really what I’m going to write is pure speculation and I may be wrong, but I think the difference between her performance at the world championship and Arnold Classic’s is very simple… If you compare her performance with that of Arnold Classic hers, her expressiveness was different.


 Agne Kiviselg iwalk greeting at Arnold Classic 2020 Agne Kiviselg I-walk improvements - World Championships vs Arnold Classic Europe 2020


I recently wrote something about this, an athlete reaches maturity in her performances when she finds the balance between wanting to do well, responsibility and enjoying hes performance. Well, at Arnold Classic Agne had a message on her face for the judges, “today you are going to see the best of me, today I am going to be the best that I can be” but without the responsibility of the world championship. I mean, in Arnold Classic Agne had one less point of responsibility and one more point of self-confidence, I think she felt a little more “free of responsibility” on stage.

I’m sure that at Arnold Classic Agne was thinking in backstage “it’s my last competition of the year, I have nothing to lose, I overcame a difficult year and I’m going to capture my dream” and that’s what I saw, Agne capturing her dreams, as simple like this.

Perhaps my analysis is too complex to understand, but as the famous book of “The Little Prince” says “The essential is invisible to the eyes” and there are things that to analyze them it is not enough to see them, it is necessary to feel and love them.

I must say that this was Agne’s best performance that I have ever seen, even better the one that won her the Black Swan trophy but for different reasons. Her 2019 performance was amazing, she was full of the emotions and strength that it gave her to break her bad luck in Santa Susanna in previous years and it was amazing to watch.

In Arnold Classic Agne showed her maturity as an athlete, her best qualities and she also did it with great self-confidenceerself and with an overwhelming personality, something that I already saw her do this year at the Estonian championship but this time she showed in a great international competition.

Every day she shows me that it will be very difficult for me to find a better ambassador to show the world what a black swan is, passion, charisma, heart, elegance and personality, but with a humility when she comes down from the stage she makes all this still be bigger.

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