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At the IFBB World Congress in Baku (2010) the Bikini category for international events was approved. You look for competitors who have a healthy body proportion, tone and appearance, as well as facial beauty and details associated with this: hairdressing, makeup, skin tone and color.

Here you can read the personal stories of bikini fitness athletes, they will tell us what their process has been until they reach the competition, but also, we will know that you have contributed this lifestyle personally.

With this section we also pretend several things, on the one hand you know all the work, effort and discipline that these girls are behind and on the other hand banish the false belief of many women who think that training with weights will make them look masculine.

After reading your personal stories you will not only admire these women for their outward appearance, but you will also admire them for fighting for their dreams and having overcome great challenges until they are achieved.


The first Black Swan Trophy

When I decided that the 2019 European Championship IFBB would be the place where I would choose the winner of the first Trophy, I knew that I was facing an exciting challenge. For myself and for the prestige of this award it was important to...

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Oksana Brygidyr: Now begins a new stage in my career

I've always liked to publish the stories behind the great champions like Oksana Brygidyr. One day I had the opportunity to read part of her story on Facebook through a person who knows her very well, Iryna Delieva, International IFBB Elite PRO judge from...

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Melina Keltaniemi: I love this lifestyle

Since the birth in 2017 of IFBB Elite PRO, the bikini category has been one of the fastest growing, both in number of athletes and in the level of competitors. We have no doubt that the first professional world championship to be held in November 2018 in Beijing,...

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Paula Mocior: Being PRO was my dream

Poland is one of the European countries that traditionally brings great athletes to bodybuilding and fitness. This week we have the honor to interview and meet Paula Mocior, currently one of the best bikini fitness competitors from Poland. Paula is one of the stars of...

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Mariya Morozova: You must do the best I-walk to win

Mariya Morozova is one of the great bikini fitness athletes of Russia that we have had the pleasure to see compete in Spain this season. Mariya got the silver medal at Olympia Marbella  (up to 172 cm) , also she has had other great results winning the...

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Apostolia Liviaki: Every success was a dream before

We have the honor of being able to bring another great athlete to Ten un cuerpo 10. This time we are going to Greece to interview Apostolia Liviaki , bikini fitness athlete,    recently finalist in the Diamond Cup of Greece and in the Mediterranean Sea championship...

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Mariella de Caro: Bodybuilding is yourself

My name is Mariella and i'm from south Italy exactly nearby Naples, where the sun and the sea are amazing! The food too is great here....especially italian mozzarella! If i have to explain you who i am using only one word, i can say ENERGY.   I started to dance when i...

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